Электролаборатория ЭТЛ-35К (ТИТАН-Т)


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Manufacturer: НПФ ТИТАН-Т (Ukraine, Khmelnytsky)
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Mobile complex electrical laboratory for high-voltage insulation tests, measurements of power transformers, measuring tanks and tan substation elements, testing and fault location of cable lines 0.4 - 10 kV. Installation of the equipment is made on the chassis type GAZ, ZIL, and others as agreed with the customer.


  • Van (on agreement with customer).
  • Proof Test and Measurement System IU-100
  • Dielectric Loss Measurer IDP-10 (without AC bridge)
  • Low-voltage Measurements Unit BNI-M
  • Main high-voltage switch GVP
  • Burn Down and Proof Test System R–07K (P-07I)
  • Cable Search Generator GPK-11.2 (GPK-11.1) with Cable Locator (Set)
  • Induction and Acoustic Receiver IAP-06
  • Rack, unit power supply and protection (visible break the chain), panel meters (A, V).
  • High Voltage Oscillographic  Reflectometer ISKRA-3M with Sensor
  • High-potential Current Meter  ITV-140R (without Capacitor)
  • Filter Capacitor KF-60
  • Set of Cable Reels
  • Set of electrotechnical equipment

 Set of devices electrical laboratory enables:

 - Increased insulation test voltage (100 kV) AC power frequency;

- Increased insulation test voltage (70 kV), the rectified voltage;

- Measurement of the output current (leakage current) Tests voltage rectified current on the high and low side;

Note: The test voltages correspond to the requirements of the specification and are certified in the organs of the State Standard of Ukraine

- Measuring the capacitance and dielectric loss tangent elements of power substations at a high (up to 10 kV) voltage appliance SA7100-2, or "Vector - 2.0 M", or R5026.

- Carrying out low-voltage measurements of power transformers kit electric devices or automatic meter "Vector 63";

- Burn damaged insulation and finding fault cable lines 0.4 - 10 kV.

Set of electrical determined by the customer. The laboratory is mounted in a van car where equipped with a high-voltage compartment and operator compartment separated by a transparent partition.

In the operator compartment placed measuring instruments and controls installation IU - 100 and P - 07, panel input and power protection switch with visible break, display devices and alarm systems, table-table for storing electrical appliances and accessories, sockets for connecting instrumentation, control tablet for low-voltage measurements of the operator, the seat for the transport of three people.

In the high-bay posted:

- Block the drums with networking, high-voltage and low-voltage cables, two drums with copper grounding conductors 10 mm2 with special clips;

- High-voltage test transformer IN - 100 rated at 12 kW or 20 kW;

- Burn down transformer;

- High-voltage alternating current bridge.

Nutrition Laboratory is a three-phase network. The laboratory is equipped with light and sound signaling devices and high-voltage door lock.

The company carries out:

- Initial certification testing of high voltage equipment in the organs of the State Standard of Ukraine with the issuance of the certificate form;

- Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the equipment produced;


- Repair and modernization of electrical.