Our awards - Alliance S Ltd.


«Alliance S», Ltd. unites industrial, scientific and commercial operations. 

Within the period of existence «Alliance S», Ltd. company's engineers have created and took out some patents includes patent named “Method and device for identification of the places of damage of cable lines in the form of mono phase chassis conductor fault”. Also enterprise took out a patent on potential divider for high voltage measurements.

In 2010 our device DC AND AC HIGH VOLTAGE METER «RD-140» won Regional Quality Competition "Kharkiv Region Best Product", and became a finalist in Ukrainian Quality Competition «100 Ukraine Best Products».

In 2011 our device HV METER INSULATION PARAMETERS ИПИ-10 won Regional Quality Competition "Kharkiv Region Best Product" too.

And in 2012 our new appliance METER PARAMETERS OF POWER TRANSFORMERS R540-3 became the winner the same competition.

«Alliance S», Ltd.  takes part in exhibitions, seminars, has a lot of exhibition's diplomas including  Elkom Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv),  end “Efficiency, electrical equipment, energetic” (Ukraine, Kharkiv).